I have a full-time practice at a clinic in Green Valley. My Tucson location is a cozy home office space where I am accepting clients through referral only.

TUCSON Saturday/Monday

Thai Bodywork (on the mat)

120 minutes             $135

Follow up sessions:
60 minutes               $80*
90 minutes               $108*

* weekly sessions for pain or injury recovery at reduced rates at the Tucson location only

GREEN VALLEY @Green Valley Massage Clinic Tuesday-Friday

Thai Bodywork (on the mat) or Integrative Massage (on the table)

30 minutes          $45
60 minutes          $80
90 minutes          $105
120 minutes        $135

(Cupping, Body Scraping or Hot Herbal Compress may be incorporated within treatment times above at no extra charge)

Additional Offerings

30 minute Cupping Treatment                              $40
30 minute Body Scraping Treatment                   $40
60/90 minute Hot Herbal Compress Massage     $90/115
60 minute Reiki session                                        $70