Release – Align – Balance

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Deborah is an educator and massage therapist with a devotion for connection—with our bodies, our natural environment, and our community.  She spent 16 years living in Portland, Oregon, during which time she received her BS in environmental science / water resource management then furthered her education becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2003.   It is through her work as a massage therapist Deborah feels she is supporting her dreams by promoting individual vitality through massage, movement, and lifestyle.

Traditional Thai bodywork can free the body from physical restrictions, enabling it to function optimally. Deborah integrates her knowledge of Thai medical theory into each massage session, which deepens the treatment and allows her to customize a unique individual healing plan for her clients. Hot herbal compresses may be incorporated to aid in releasing tight, painful areas throughout the body and to add an overall sense of well being to a massage session.

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Deborah’s experience includes working with older clients and individuals with compromised immune systems and/or nerve issues.